September 2010

Project- the birth of the tree.


Our first project as a part of Comenius programme started for all school community and was presented to teachers during the Teaching Staff conference, the students during first English lessons and the parents during first parents meeting. Since it emerged, we had to take care of it carefully for it to grow harmoniously. We created our plan of work for the year and we chose people responsible for particular tasks connected with tending our project.


Our project tree starts to sprout

October was marked by preparations to the first project meeting in Madrid. We conceived our project logo design under Mrs Justyna Biskup-Naumienko supervision and students’ presentations about Tychy supervised by Mrs Anna Klimsiak-Czech. The account on our school and education system in Poland was prepared by Mrs Monika Sobiegraj and Mrs Anna Klimsiak-Czech . The next step was the article which appeared in our school newspaper. The article presented the idea of the project and short characteristic of the project partnership schools. It was first article from the series “Comenius Corner”

Events outline:

Project logo was created. 

 Presentations about Tychy, our school and education system in Poland were prepared.

PowerPoint presentation " 6th Primary School"

First article about our project in our school newspaper .


First leaves appear on our project tree.

Here came rather gloomy month November- it was rainy and dark outside. But for us it was spring- the project tree was growing slowly. Since the beginning of November we had started the preparations for the first project meeting in Madrid which took place from 14th to 20th November. Headmaster Ewa Kołodziej and Mrs Anna Klimsiak-Czech represented our school at the meeting. You can find the detailed summary of the meeting in „the Meetings” section. The film and the Wall newspaper about Spain were made after the arrival from the project meeting. The students could watch some short films , photos and listen to account from the visit to Spain.

As a part of the project actions classes 4B, 4A and 6B created Christmas cards with wishes, photos and descriptions about themselves which were sent in the end of November to our partnership schools

Our school choir soloists prepared „Silent Night” carol in five languages : English (our project official language) and our project partnership schools languages- Italian, Spanish, French, Finnish . The carol was presented during „Open School Day”.

Events outline:

First project meeting in Madrid.

4B, 4A and 6B class students prepared Christmas cards with wishes, photos and descriptions about themselves. The cards were sent to partnership schools.


Our school choir soloists prepared „Silent Night” carol in five languages for „Open School Day”.


More and more leaves ( and snow…)

Our choir soloists presented Silent Night carol in five languages and the results of our project during „Open School Day” on 8th December .

5A,5B and 6A class students prepared e-Christmas cards which were sent to our partnership schools. Our school also received Christmas cards from our partners. Italian school prepared

extremely colorful Christmas presentation enriched with traditional Sicilian pastorals.

The second article about our project came out in our school newspaper. You can read it in “Comenius Corner” section in our school newspaper. In the end of December we received from Belgians the first part of the story created by all project partners so called Common Story titled “Five Haitians in Europe”. As a part of the school competition some students took challenge of translating the text. The list of the winners will be published in February.

Events outline:

5B, 5A and 6A class students prepared e-Christmas cards with wishes, photos and descriptions about themselves. The cards were e-mailed to partnership schools.

We received Christmas cards and Christmas presenation from our partnership schools


The second article about our project came out in our school newspaper

Belgian school wrote the first part of the story „ Five Haitians In Europe”


The leaves grow up slowly (and the snow is still around us! )

There was announced the competition for the most beautiful Family Tree connected with a competition to find the oldest ancestor among grades IV-VI in January. We also started to bring old family pictures. The students worked on questions about the family roots, history and parentage which they were to ask their grandparents during the interviews. In the end of January we received from Italian school 2nd part of the story created by the project partners The Common Story “Five Haitians in Europe”.

The next group of students took challenge to translate the 2nd part from English to Polish.

In the second part of January we had our winter holidays the time to charge the batteries, come back in February and face new challenges as a part of our project.

Events outline:

 The announcement of the Family Tree competition.

The statue of the competition in the bookmark ‘competitions’

Work on questions for the interview with the grandparents
Italian school created 2nd part of the common story „Five Haitians In Europe”


Our tree has no time to rest even if the Winter is still aroud

February was the time of creating our Family Trees . Some projects are really amazing and you will have a chance to see them during The Comenius Day in our school.

On the 23rd of February the students had a meeting with the grandparents titled after our project “ Mum, dad where is our name coming from?-ask your grandparents.”

The event was enriched with the performance of our School Choir in nice , red outfits. The programme was pretty amazing starting with regional songs to poems in Silesian dialect titled “Paulek and Gustlik” and „Samochwała”(“Boaster”)

After the performance the students took the part of the journalists and asked the guests already prepared questions. The gusts with a huge sense of humor, honesty and expansiveness told about the time of their youth, reasons of their move to Czulow district, their roots and funny family episodes . The invited guests told unbelievable stories about the past of their families but also of the school and church in Czulow.

The Head Teacher told about the benefits for the school from the Comenius project and said a few words about the visit in Madrid.

In the end all guests could check their knowledge of Silesian dialect by naming the elements of Silesian outfit and old objects.

In February young students ,grade I-III , who attend daycare room activities joined our project. Everything started from the Secret Comenius box. The students could find there some envelopes with tasks for whole week. The tasks were about collecting some information about one partnership country this time Spain. The students made a flag of Spain, got to know some characteristic dishes or created a poster promoting a trip to Spain. The detailed report on it you will find in the bookmark Comenius in the Daycare.

Events outline:

Creating the Family trees.

The meeting with the grandparents titled after our project “ Mum, dad where is our name coming from?-ask your grandparents.”

Comenius weeks In the Daycare room- Spain


The birds are singing that spring is coming so our tree has no time to waste

March the herald of Spring so it is quite hot in our project . Three articles about Comenius project were published in our school newspaper in March. The first was about all ventures, competitions and events connected with our project and purchase of our interactive board which is quite popular among students and teachers. In the second article you could find a report on the February meeting with grandparents titled after our project “ Mum, dad where is our name coming from?-ask your grandparents.” In the last one there was a summary of the Comenius weeks in the Daycare room. The week was about Spain. The daycare room teachers wasted no minute in March because they prepared for the students next challenges, this time about Finland. The second Comenius Week in the Daycare room was the time of geographical quest of fauna and flora , research of Finnish music and cuisine. In the daycare gallery you could admire the marvelous students’ projects with Finnish dishes.

In the gallery you had a chance to see an exhibition of old pictures scanned and framed in the noodle frames made by students (PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS IN THE PHOTOS IN THE HANDMADE PHOTO FRAMES- details in the bookmark Comenius in the Daycare )

In the end of March we received some handmade cards made by students from Finnish school. There were also some photos with the cards. Our students with interest read the cards. It was a great opportunity to meet the peers from other country, to notice some differences like the style of handwriting , interests, the style of wear and appearance.

The Spanish school sent 3rd part of the story created by the project partners The Common Story “Five Haitians in Europe”.

The main character Amury met Rafael Nadal, a Spanish tennis player.

Events outline:

Three articles about our project In the school newspaper

Comenius weeks In the Daycare room- Finland

Handmade frames for old pictures

We received some cards with photos and descriptions of students from Finland

Spanish school wrote 3rd part of the Common Story “Five Haitians in Europe”.


April rumors that our tree is the most beautiful one in whole word

Our project tree is growing dynamically, we are facing new challenges more willingly since you can feel spring in the air. Our daycare room students felt the atmosphere and as busy bees started looking for information about one of our partners-Italy.

The Comenius week in the daycare room was full with tasks such as making a flag or creating some Italian dishes of plasticine or crepe paper. The children also prepared the Easter projects which were sent to our partners. During extra classes the students from upper grades created some e-cards with Easter wishes and were put together in one Power Point presentation which was sent to the partners. We are happy as we received Easter wishes from our European friends. In our language lab you could find Easter wishes in all project languages.

In the end of April we started to collect the ideas for the fourth part our Common story”Five Haitians in Europe”.

Events outline:

Comenius weeks in the Daycare room-Italy.

We sent handcrafted Easter wishes to our partners

PowerPoint presentation with our e-card wishes.


We placed Easter wishes in project languages in our language lab -card tation with our wishes to collect the ideas for the fourth part our Common story"ation..

Felices Pascuas  Joyeuses Pâques!  Hyvää Pääsiästä! Buona Pasqua!

We started work on the fourth part of the Common story „Five Haitians In Europe”


Our tree is making friends with the Word

In May our tree had to face a lot of challenges. The most important was a visit to Finland from 16th to 20th May- the second project meeting for the teachers from the partnership schools.

Our school was represented by the Headmaster Ewa Kolodziej with our two teachers Anna Klimsiak-Czech and Monika Sobiegraj. The detailed report from the meeting can be found in the bookmark Project meetings. We prepared a short film with regards from the IV-VI grade students for the meeting. Some students gave some individual presentations of their interests. The film appeared to be a nice present for the host school In Finland. During the meeting all participants recorded the video with their regards for our school.

The impressions from the trip were described in our school newspaper and “Echo” local newspaper. May was extremely important for our school choir. They recorded a CD with 10 songs on the subject of regionalism, patriotism and their favorite hits.

The Italian school is working on the common CD of our partnership schools and five out of ten of the aforementioned songs will be included In it. Our CD was recorded in the professional studio so participation in the recording had been a great experience.

On the 30th May we had Comenius Day In our school. During that day th upper grades students changed their classrooms into embassies of particular countries participating in our project. The students decorated the classrooms , organized the thematic corners, stamps, characteristic dishes and posters promoting the earlier drawn country.

Class 4A prepared Italy, 4B Belgium, 6A Finland, 6B showed the beauty of Spain. Our marvelous country was promoted by class 5B and class 5A presented Great Britain- we have no partner school from the country though English is our project language.

All classes put a lot of effort into preparations what was appreciated by the board whose chairman was the headmaster Ewa Kolodziej. In the end of the Comenius Day the students could hear the results of the competition for the family tree. First place was for Patrycja Sornek and common work of Grzegorz and Michał Adamus. Agata Skolik’s and Agata Sierzyńska’s family trees were ranked 2nd place. Agata Nowak’s and Antonina Bernatt.’s family trees took the last place on the stage.

Maciej Ścierski, Jakub Sojka and Wiktoria Zien Got honourable mentions (she fund the oldest ancestor) .

In the end of May we created the fourth part of the Common story „Five Haitians in Europe”.This time the main hero Amaury fund his sister Anais in one of Czulow family

Events outline:

Second project meeting in Finland.

Welcoming film for Finland

Regards from Project meeting participants –a film.

Two articles about project activities and visit to Finland in the school newspaper and „Echo” local newspaper

Comenius Day in our school

The results of the competition for the family tree

We created the fourth part of the Common story „Five Haitians In Europe”

Our school choir recorded a Professional CD


Our tree is getting more strength –analyses and concludes.

        Our school four grade students started the “About me” projects exchange with the Belgian school in the beginning of June . After holidays they will send the holiday greeting cards . the students are very excited about the mailing idea. They compare the style of handwriting, look for similarities and differences between their peers in the aspect of interests and preferences. Belgium was also the hero of the Comenius week in the Daycare room The fun was delicious due to chocolate adventure. We made flags and wrote the words which one could associate with Belgium of chocolate!! After the children made the chocolate projects they could eat them so you can find no trace of the week in the daycare but for the film in the website.

IV-VI grade students presented short artistic shows connected with their Comenius Day country(check events in May) . The awards were granted to the winners.

June is also a month of a whole school year summary. We evaluated our project activities by conducting a survey among the students and interviewed the teachers.

Events outline:

Projects exchange between our school and students from Belgium

Comenius in the Daycare room-Belgium.

Students’ presentations of the project partnership countries




Great Britain 




The results of the Comenius Day competition

The evaluation survey among the students-conclusions.

The report on the project realization to The National Agency in Warsaw

Time for holidays-see you next project year.


This is how our project chronicle finished in June. After two months of relaxing the school rings belled again so it’s time to start the chronicle of the second year of the project.


W oczekiwaniu na wielkie wydarzenia:

Anticipating the great events :

September is a time of longing the idle and relaxing days but also the time of preparations to the next school year.

We prepared the work plan for the last year of our project during the first Teachers’ Conference.

We spared a lot of time for planning the activities connected with 3rd project meeting in our school which had been scheduled for 10-14 October.

We realised every item of the agenda step by step through all September as we wished to organize the meeting the best we could.

In the beginning of September class 5 A and 5 B wrote the greetings cards from holidays (their homework was to bring from holidays empty Holiday greting cards ).

The cards with holiday greetings were sent to Belgian students who had the same task.

In the end of September we received the cards from Belgium. The cards are a part of a decoration in our language lab.

Students of class 4 A and 4 B participated in Polish lessons on meeting the family history, creating the family trees and the meaning of ones surnames. The lessons were titled “Me and my roots” , “ What do you know about your family?”

In September students of class 3 A and 3 B started realization of original European education program. During the European Club class 3 A met one of our partner country- Finland.

We organized a lot of competitions on the occasion of European Day of Languages one of them was a poster competition. Particular classes had a task to create a poster about a chosen country- one of our project partner countries. All awards were granted during The Golden Tongues Gala Event.

Events outline:

Preparation of the work plan for the secondo year of the project

Organization of the third project meeting in Poland

Students of class 5 A and 5 B sent holiday greeting cards to Belgium. Belgian students did the same.
Polish lesson In classes 4 A and B about family roots and surnames.

3rd class students started realisation of the original European Education Program. Class 3 A met Finland.

The Golden Tongues Gala Event on the occasion of European Day of Languages ( main heroes our project partners) .


In the heart of great events:

The beginning of October was full of preparations to a great event for all school – the third project meeting dated from 10th to 14th October as a part of Comenius project. This time we had an honor to be the host school. For that occasion we prepared a welcome event for our guests which charmed them.

The school choir sang five region al songs which character was emphasized by Silesian outfits of 4th grade students. Next all assembly in the gym could listen to songs in our partnership countries languages :Italian, Spanish, Finnish, French sang by students and interestingly commented . We showed our guests the school. Each class was decorated with symbols of one chosen partner country what took our guests’ hearts. During the meetings at school we discussed the results of our cooperation , we drew up a strategy and the working plan for the next months of the project. The teachers shared the experience of the work and tasks showing the results of their work.

As we wished to make our guests stay a pleasure we planned a few meetings and trips. We visited The Town Hall, Paprocany Lake, The Brewery Museum and Auschwitz Museum in Oświęcim. We travelled to Cracow and Pszczyna Castle.

We will never forget the time In Poland and your charming school”- how nice was to hear the words In the end of stay of our guests here In our school.If you wish to read the details of the visit check “project meetings” bookmark.

During the project meeting the teachers from Italy presented the project final product- CD with characteristic songs of each partnership schools regions.

The 4th-6th grade students listened to CD Turing English les sons. Belgian school handed all partners the brochure about migration in the areas in which are located the partnership schools. Every school presented the description of the issue during the project meeting in Finland.

In October there was an extensive coverage in local newspaper Twoje Tychy about activities in our school as a part of Comenius Project. Moreover in our school magazine there was a big article about 3rd project meeting in our school.

Finnish school sent 5th part of the common story ”Five Haitians in Europe” and the last part will be created by students from Belgium.

Events outline:

3rd project meeting-we had an honor to be a host school .

Italian school presented the final product – CD with region al songs of All partner schools.Finnish school handel the brochure about migration.

The article in the local newspaper Twoje Tychy about activities as a part of the project and the article In school magazine about project meeting

Finnish school wrote 5th part of the common story ”Five Haitians in Europe”



Silesian dishes and recipes


After all great preparations in September and spectacular October, November seemed to be quiet but not lazy. Since the start of November we have started to look into the issue of cuisine as characteristic dishes for our region are next essential subject of interest of our project. We opened two new competitions connected with culinary issue.

First competition “Silesian dinner” (the photographic competition) is for I-VI grades students. Their task is to take a picture of dishes (the best would be regional ones), served for Sunday or Christmas dinner. The second competition ”Silesian recipe” for upper grades students is to write a chosen recipe for Silesian dish in a attractive way. The results –the photos and project recipes will be presented in January.

The students translated into Polish the 5th part of the Common story titled “Five Haitians In Europe” created by Finnish school . In the end of November we received 6th the last part of the story created by Belgian school.

3rd grade students met Belgium during their European Club Classes. The classes were brightened up by the homemade chocolate.


Events outline:

We opened the ”Silesian dinner” photographic competition and ”Silesian recipe” competition.

The students translated into Polish 5th part of the common story “Five Haitians in Europe”

Belgian school created 6th part of the Common story

3rd grade students met Belgium, tasting chocolate


Temperature up coming to an end:

In our Comenius team the time was very busy Chile anticipating wonderful Christmas time in December. The students translated the 6th and the last part of the Common Story ”Five Haitians in Europe” created Belgians. The students were bringing tasty photos of Silesian dishes and the projects of the traditional Silesian recipes. In one of the school friend family we took the photos of traditional Silesian dinner which will be published in Polish part of the Cooking Booklet created by all partner schools

On the 14th December we had a cooking session titled “Cook with Comenius”. The group of students from 5th and 6th grade and English Club-class 4 under the supervision of the teachers decided to prepare dishes characteristic for our partners’ countries. The 6th grade students made Polish vegetable salad, Cooking Club prepared Italian spaghetti.English Club made Spanish paella and the last group made desserts- Belgian hot chocolate and Finnish fruit rakha (melt cottage cheese similar to ricotta with strawberries and raspberries)

The Christmas time was also the time of greetings. We also prepared handmade Christmas cards for our partners from Belgium (5th grade) and Italy (4th grade)

The students created PowerPoint presentation about Christmas and New Year Time in Poland.

In the end of the year there was published the article in school newspaper titled “Comenius Chronicles 2011” the summary of all year activities in rhymed version. The other article about project actions in our school was published in “The School Magazine”.

Events outline:

The competitions „ Silesian Dinner” –photo contess and „Silesian recipe”- art contest

The students translated into Polish 6th part of the Common Story “Five Haitians in Europe”

Cooking session „Cook with Comenius”.

We made and sent Christmas cards for Belgians and Italians

Two articles were Publisher one titled „ Comenius Chronicles 2011” and the Rother In „The School Magazine”

Merry Christmas!


New Year Beginings

In January we gathered All parts of the story about Amuary which had been translated into Polish by students month by month.

Each part was created In each partner school in English and then all partners translated it into the national languages.

The interesting book will be published by Finnish school. Every partner school was also responsible for writing traditional regional recipes in English.

Recipes for our Silesian dumplings with meat rolls, red cabbage and “kołocz cake” will be in the Cooking Booklet published by Spanish school.

Class III A studnets Turing their European Club classes met another partner country- Spain. The boys presented the best football clubs and favourite Spanish footballers.

Apart the knowledge they got about this wonderful country they learned “The Matador Dance”.

In January we prepared to the 4th Project meeting In Belgium which had been plannedfor February after our winter holidays. We recorded our Hello film for Belgian students and the teachers.

Events outline:

We gathered translations of all parts of the story ”Five Haitians in Europe” about Amuary

We wrote a recipe for traditional Silesian dinner.

Class III A met Spain talking about football and dancing.

We recorded a welcoming film for Belgians


Snow and chocolat

February was the time of Winter sprts, snow craziness and the time of struggling the frosty days- in short we had the Winter holidays. We had a lot of attractions also after the winter holidays what was mainly due to Belgians hospitality. They organized and were host schools of our 4th project meeting which took place from 13th-17th February.
Polish school was represented by Headmaster Ewa Kolodziej with three teachers Hanna Liszka, Krystyna Sabuda and Monika Sobiegraj. You can find a detailed report in the bookmark”meetings”
Students from IV-VI grades prepared a short film with regards and greetings. As a rule all trip was described in our school newspaper. During the project meeting they were presented the final products of our Project- the story book about Amuary (edited by Finnish school) and the cockery book with traditional recipes
from all project partner countries (edited by Spanish school)


We really liked the chocolate Belgium.

Events outline

4th Project meeting in Belgium.

Welcome film for Belgians

An article in our school news paper ,school chronicle and school webpage about our trip to Belgium.

Two final products were created : “Five Haitians in Europe” and Cookery Book

Spring, fun and greting cards

March was full of blooming spring and preparation of Easter cards.

Students from grades 5a and 5b prepared hand made Easter cards which were sent to our partner school to Belgium. Students from grade 3a and the Day Care students made the cards for other partner schools. The Day Care teachers and the students were looking for old games and traditional rhymes and songs. 3a grade students’ parents and grandparents completed the survey about their favorite childhood games. Grannies and Grandpas numbered most often “blind man’s bluff”,” hare and hounds”, “hopscotch”, “crossfire”, “yoyo”, “hide and seek”. The parents named “hula-hoop”, “bottle cap bicycle race”, “the knife game in countries” and many others. As we noticed many games come through generations till today. Our students during PE lessons, breaks or in the Day Carecould get to know and play the games having a great fun.

In the end of March there was a meeting of school coordinators of Comenius project.

The meeting was a great opportunity to exchange the experience, find some interesting solutions and ideas to realize the projects and discuss some possible difficulties in project tasks realization.

Events outline:

Students from 5a and 5b grades prepared handmade Easter cardsfor Belgian school.

Students from grade 3a and the Day Care students crafted easter cards for Rother partner schools.
Parents and grandparents of 3a students completed the survey about favorite childhood games.
The Comenius project coordinators meetings


G for games and D for Dialect

In the very beginning of April we were showered by awesome Easter cards made by Belgian students.After the Easter Holidays our school choir “Silesian Singing” took part in a choir competition. Thanks to Comenius project realization our traditional Silesian songs became a standard repertoire of our choir.

In the time after Easter time teacher Jolanta Delipacy wearing a traditional Silesian outfit read in Silesian dialect stories about Easter traditions or baking bread in class 3b.

Students form grade 5b also in their traditional Silesian outfits read a story “Little red riding hood” and the poem “Bambo Boy”of course in Silesian dialect in class 1b.

The Day Care teachers with their students player forgotten games “Onse, madonse, flore”, “Old Bear” and “Tails” all these were filmed.

Events outline:

We received Easter cards from Belgium.

School choir took part in Silesian singing competition

We read our younger fellow students stories and poems in Silesian dialect.

We recorded film about old games.

SP 6 Tychy